HP-83/85 Waveform Analysis Pac


The Waveform Analysis Pac, employing the Fourier transform, is a powerful tool for solving problems and analyzing data in engineering, physics and mathematics. Waveform analysis has become increasingly important in such fields such as acoustics, bioengineering, vibration analysis and image and signal processing. This pac provides many of the basic operations and functions necessary for Fourier transform analysis in an accessible, easy to use form.

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Note: Make sure that the Volume name on the diskette is WVFRM, otherwise, automatic loading of programs will not work. The file names of the programs in these directories may have been changed because of incompatibilities between either the Unix or the DOS/Windows filesystems. Essentially, spaces and "/" characters were converted to "_" and .BIN extensions were added to the files. Use the following table to locate the correct Series-80 filename when transferring the file back to the LIF floppy. Finally, be sure to read the instructions for transferring programs and data from your workstation to your Series 80 computer.

The following programs are for the HP-83/85 series. If you have the ability to create a floppy from a binary image, here is the entire diskette image: HP85-WaveformPac.BIN.


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Name          Type      Bytes   Recs    Len   Name
S-WAVE       BASIC       256     5      1260  S-WAVE.BIN
FFTBIN       BPGM        256     7      1784  FFTBIN.BIN
WAVE         BASIC       256    32      8111  WAVE.BIN
WAVPLT       BASIC       256    22      5411  WAVPLT.BIN
D-WAVE       BASIC       256     6      1411  D-WAVE.BIN
WAVED        BASIC       256    30      7466  WAVED.BIN
WVDPLT       BASIC       256    23      5837  WVDPLT.BIN
WAVDED       BASIC       256    18      4368  WAVDED.BIN
FSC-EQ       BASIC       256    52     13255  FSC-EQ.BIN
FSC-UN       BASIC       256    51     12982  FSC-UN.BIN
WAVDOC       BASIC       256    33      8243  WAVDOC.BIN
DEMOD        DATA        256    17      4352  DEMOD.BIN
LORAN        DATA        256    17      4352  LORAN.BIN
PULSE        DATA        256    17      4352  PULSE.BIN
SIGNAL       DATA        256    17      4352  SIGNAL.BIN

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